A Mom on a Mission...

Everyone always asks me if I went to school for photography. Nope. I was a girl with a camera and a serious photo addiction. As far back as I can remember, I always had the camera. Once I became a Mom, I started taking my daughter to photo studios monthly, and quickly realized there had to be another way. It was hot in there, inefficient in there, I didn't know what size prints I was going to want in 3 months from now, I wanted something more artistic, and the list went on. With a little nudging from my hubby and a lot of modeling from my friends, my hobby became my career! My second daughter was born and I was able to practice my newborn technique constantly. The girls are still my top models and rarely complain when I suddenly throw them into the snow with sparklers or dash to a field of wildflowers at magic hour - "just to see". 

We all want our memories captured. We all want to look back and tell a story. Looking at a picture should throw you right back into a moment. I like to capture kids as they are - footloose and free. Running, jumping, playing, laughing, cuddling. Those are the shots that make us realize just how little they were, what a hard time they gave us, what a sweet cuddle baby they were and just how sweet our lives are. 

I'd be honored to tell your story.